Benjamin Graham Investor Spotlight

Benjamin Graham Investor Spotlight

About Benjamin Graham Benjamin Graham is widely considered to be the father of value investing. Among his disciples are famous investors like Warren Buffett, Irving Kahn, and Sir John Templeton. In fact, Warren Buffett described Graham’s classic 1949 book, ‘The Intelligent Investor,’ as ‘by far, the best book on investing ever written.’ Graham was born … Read more

George Soros Investor Spotlight

George Soros Investor Spotlight

About George Soros George Soros is one of the most successful speculators and financiers in modern history. Over his more than 60-year career, Soros earned an estimated $40 billion – and then gave away the majority of it to charities and political causes. Soros’ early life path was unique one among modern American investors. He … Read more

Bill Ackman Investor Spotlight

Bill Ackman

About Bill Ackman William (‘Bill’) Ackman is the founder and CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management and a widely feared activist investor. Ackman, through Pershing Square and a prior hedge fund, has earned a net worth of more than $2 billion. Ackman was well-poised for a career in business and investing. His father ran a … Read more

Porter Stansberry Investor Spotlight

Porter Stansberry

About Porter Stansberry Porter Stansberry is the founder and owner of Stansberry Research, which publishes the popular Stansberry’s Investment Advisory newsletter. Stansberry’s interest in finance began when he was in college at the University of Florida, and he founded Stansberry Research relatively soon after graduating in the mid-1990s. In addition to running Stansberry Research, Porter … Read more

Ray Dalio Investor Spotlight

Ray Dalio

About Ray Dalio Ray Dalio is the founder of Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world. Over 42 years at the head of Bridgewater, Dalio amassed an estimated net worth of $18.7 billion and has become the 79th wealthiest person in the world. Dalio came from relatively humble beginnings in New York City, … Read more

Timothy Sykes Trader Spotlight

Timothy Sykes

About Timothy Sykes Timothy Sykes isn’t the wealthiest investor in the world, but he is one of the most well-known. Sykes turned $12,000 in Bar Mitzvah money into several million dollars by day trading penny stocks during college at Tulane University. By the time he was 22, Sykes had earned more than $4 million and … Read more

William O’Neil Investor Spotlight

William O’Neil

About William O’Neil William O’Neil is an extremely successful American investor and one of the first investors to rely on computers for stock research and analysis. O’Neil is now best known for founding the Investor’s Business Daily news and research site, which draws in several million visitors each month. At age 87, he is worth … Read more