3 Activist Short Sellers to Watch

short sellers

Activist short sellers are heavily criticized by the media and the corporate world, often accused of market manipulation and anti-American sentiment. In some examples, this is quite true, however, there is an argument to made that short sellers are the watchdogs of financial markets. Activist short seller Jim Chanos often says that short sellers are … Read more

What Jim Chanos Looks for in Shorts

Jim Chanos

After the bankruptcy of energy merchant bank Enron and subsequent criminal trials of the company’s executives, everyone on Wall Street knew Jim Chanos’ name, as he was short the stock before the Street began to suspect anything. Since then, he has continued to impress with bearish calls on Boston Chicken, Sunbeam, Tyco International, and countless … Read more

Short Selling Activist Spotlight: Andrew Left

Andrew Left is a famed short seller, who publishes his short ideas through his website CitronResearch.com, formerly known as StockLemon.com. Citron’s main goal, according to their website, is “identifying fraud and terminal business models.” Who is Andrew Left? “Citron’s reports are a lot more fun to read than just about anything published by a mainstream Wall … Read more