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The Mindset

Active trading is one of the most difficult skills to master. Finance by itself is confusing to many, and day trading is even more complex. You have to learn about different tools, terminology, and strategies just to get started. Once you build a foundation, things can get even more complicated as you put your skills to the test.

As an active trader, you are putting your capital on the line every single day.  You learn through trial-and-error, which can be a costly process. Sure, some people say you should “throw your money in a broad market fund” and take a passive approach to the stock market. This group believes trading is a fool’s game that can’t be won.

There’s no doubt that trading is difficult. It may be one of the most difficult things you do in your life. But once you get a taste of the thrill of trading, there’s no turning back. Active traders love the challenges that the market presents every single day. We are constantly looking for new ways to refine and optimize our trading strategies. We obsess over stock charts, trading tools, and indicators. We spend hours watching educational content, reviewing trade setups, and analyzing our own trades. We are obsessed with the game. We are willing to pour every last ounce of blood, sweat, and tears into making trading success a reality.

Some may call us crazy but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

About Trading Skeptic

Becoming a successful trader is a journey. We all start on a similar path and grow along the way.

We start by discovering the world of trading. This discovery may be sparked by a social media post or a news article. From there, we start doing more research. At first, we are all “Trading Skeptics.” Day trading can seem too good to be true until we start taking the time to look deeper. We learn the lingo, we analyze strategies, and we start putting our skills to the test.

Everyone’s journey is unique, but we can all learn a lot from each other. If you look back on your trading journey, you can probably recognize some of the clear mistakes you made when you are starting out. You may have been naive, over-ambitious, or starry-eyed.

While no one can give you a step-by-step manual that will lead you to trading success, they can help you learn. Other traders can help you avoid common mistakes, show you the tools of the trade, and teach you basic strategy. These lessons can help you minimize your trading losses and maximize your trading profits.

That’s exactly why we launched Trading Skeptic. Trading Skeptic is a website dedicated to chronicling every part of the trading journey. We feature content that is designed to give new traders an advantage as they embark on the wildest rides of their lives.

We discuss trading strategies and review trading tools that may help new traders.

We are not optimists but we are not cynical pessimists either. We consider ourselves to be Trading Skeptics. We trust in the trading game but verify information through research and experience.

Join us on our trading journeys and best of luck on yours!